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Stress Solutions Start Here

Whether you’re going through infertility, a high-risk pregnancy, are in the NICU, healing from loss, or trying to recover from medical or birth trauma, understanding where you are in your threat cycle is the fastest way to manage stress effectively and long-term.

For stress physiology newbies and long-term students of somatics, and everyone in between, we’ve got science-backed ideas on how to make meaningful progress on your stress and anxiety management journey.

Take the quiz to find out what stage of the threat cycle you’re in and the foundational steps to help you manage stress effectively.


Identify your stress state so you know exactly how to tailor the best stress management strategies for you and your body.


Honor your body and physiology with sustainable shifts that match your threat states and the energy that you have available.


Prioritize consistency and repetition over bandaids and spaghetti-throwing for maximum benefit and long term health.

” You can really feel to heart how much passion you have for what you do and how much you care about us women. Thank you!”

– Petra

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