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Become a Ruvelle Perks Member

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As soon as you sign up for your free Perks Membership, we’ll send you a welcome code for 10% off your first order at our shop.

beige circle with dark font that says 10% off on your first order

You’ll get first access to brand new collections, products, services, events tickets, and more.

beige circle with dark font that says 10% off on your first order

We’ll send other surprise perks throughout the year—when you least expect them!


Exclusive access to the outdoor grounds of Ruvelle’s virtual property, including invitations to live Q&As with Parijat and Ruvelle’s trusted partners.

*some exclusions apply

We know how long you’ve been fighting for your family on your journey. We aim to ease your journey in science-backed, somatically supportive ways. When you join us as a Perks Member, you’ll receive access to exclusive promotions and Q&A sessions, a first look at all new collections, productions, and services, and inspiring notes to your inbox. We hope that welcoming you as a Perks Member makes you feel at home at Ruvelle. If you’re looking for first steps to ease your travels on your complicated journey, the Perks Membership is right for you!

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As to your Qs

Is the Ruvelle Perks Membership free?

Yes! There is no cost to join the Ruvelle Perks Membership.

Are all products and services eligible for Ruvelle Perks promos?

Gift cards and Pregnancy Brain book are not eligible for promotional discounts. Everything else you see in our Ruvelle Shop is eligible for promotional discounts.

I have multiple promo codes, can I stack them together?

We love that! At this time, our checkout system only allows one promo code at a time.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, some of our products do ship internationally! The best way to check is to read the description of the item you’re interested in at the Ruvelle Shop where we have clearly indicated where each item can ship.

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