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Is your doctor telling you everything is fine,
but you’re still feeling anxious during your pregnancy? 

The Pregnancy Brain Course is for you if you’re pregnant after infertility, loss or prematurity or you’re pregnant, you’re feeling anxious about this pregnancy, but nothing you’ve tried to calm your anxiety has worked (or worked well enough).

Does this sound familiar?

>> You’ve become an expert in imagining worst case scenarios in pristine detail.

>> You cannot fall asleep easily and resort to exhausting yourself until you crash at night, hoping that you can stay asleep through the night.

>> The hamster wheel of anxious and depressive thoughts is running at full speed and nothing you do is making it stop.

>> You’ve become very sensitive to baby’s movements, making it impossible to rest.

>> The idea of giving birth terrifies you, and it’s magnified by the fear that you might have to deliver alone.

>> You consistently find yourself in a loop of worrying about baby and then worrying that your worrying is affecting your baby, but you don’t know how to stop.

The worst part?
Nothing you usually rely on to manage your anxiety is working.

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Why is this happening?

You’re living in an activated threat state (aka survival mode). The sensations you’re experiencing as anxiety are actually survival stress that’s stuck in your body.

Another way to put it: there’s a bear chasing you and you have nowhere to run.

What you’re feeling is not anxiety but fear.

Fear does not respond to positivity, gratitude, a mindset shift or traditional anxiety management strategies!

The antidote to fear is safety.

When you feel safe, you improve your nervous system health.
This has a cascading effect on the health of your pregnancy:

Fewer hospitalizations and cesarean sections, leaving you with more options for your labor and delivery.

Reduced risk of PPROM, intrauterine infection, and spontaneous preterm delivery because of a decrease in inflammatory markers.

Longer gestation and delayed preterm delivery due to decreased blood pressure, stable blood glucose levels, and cessation of preterm contractions.

Increased fetal heart variability, which can indicate that baby is moving as expected and is generally feeling well.

Higher weight and Apgar scores for baby, which can mean less time (if any) in the NICU.

Improved sleep throughout the pregnancy, allowing you to rest while you grow your baby.

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When you take the fear out of your pregnancy,
both you and baby benefit.

What you get when you register for Pregnancy Brain Course

Myth Busting

A powerful, but easy to understand training of what the stress cycle is, how it impacts pregnancy, and how stuck survival stress may show up in your body during pregnancy. You’re not crazy, broken or weak. You’re not being too negative. Your body is functioning exactly as it should in survival mode. When we understand this, it’s much easier to experience the shifts out of survival mode and into safety.

Somatic Safety Practices

Six powerful neurobiological & sensory exercises to gently address fear from a somatic perspective, improve your nervous system health, and reduce your risk of complications. Taking no more than 15 minutes at a time, these guided audios are exercises you can take anywhere – in the car, on your phone in the doctor’s waiting room, and even during an ultrasound or bloodwork. 

Resource Library

There is so much outdated and inaccurate information about stress physiology and pregnancy. Through this course, you can submit a question directly to Parijat and receive access to a resource library with the most up-to-date information on your nervous system health, pregnancy, fetal development, pregnancy outcomes and maternal health during and after pregnancy. 


When you register, you’ll receive journal prompts to keep you connected with your body throughout the course and beyond PLUS a video masterclass to help you and your partner cope with bed rest at home and in the hospital are included with your registration. After 90 days in the Pregnancy Brain Course, you’ll also become a member of our Trauma Informed Whole Health Inner Circle for 30 days!

With 6 months access to the course, you’ll receive an email with tools, techniques, inspiration, motivation, and information on how to move your body from a threat state to a safe state to reduce your risk of pregnancy complications.

This is not a course about mindfulness, deep breathing,
and practicing gratitude.

Let’s be honest, if that’s all it took to see improvement in your anxiety, overwhelm or worries during pregnancy, you would have seen it by now.

This gentle, self-paced course offers what all of those self-help tools and many therapeutic tools miss: working with survival stress at the body-level where it is stored.

When you can gently come out of survival mode and into safety, you also reduce your risk of developing pregnancy complications.

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  • Relieving anxiety in a pregnancy without complications, a pregnancy at risk for complications, or a pregnancy with existing complications
  • Releasing fear during your pregnancy from a body-based (not thought-based) perspective
  • Alleviating experiences of acute stress, worry, and nervousness during your pregnancy
  • Resolving traumatic stress, chronic stress, grief after death and non-death losses
  • Improving existing or preventing new pregnancy complications
  • Personalized solutions to help you reduce your risk of complications & preterm delivery

If you liked Pregnancy Brain, you’ll love the Pregnancy Brain Course.

Ready to take the fear out of your
high-risk pregnancy?

Still have questions?

I don’t have a high-risk pregnancy but I am very anxious during this pregnancy? Can I still take this course?

Yes absolutely! While people who are experiencing a high-risk pregnancy, pregnancy after loss, pregnancy after infertility or pregnancy after prematurity are at higher risk for anxiety, stress and depression during pregnancy, you will definitely benefit from the course even if you have a low-risk pregnancy and are feeling anxious.

I’ve already tried a bunch of mindfulness apps. How is this any different?

Most of these mindfulness apps miss a critical piece of the puzzle, which the concept of safety. If the apps haven’t taught you how to move through fight/flight/freeze and come back to a feeling of safety in your body, that’s likely why they haven’t been as helpful as you’d hoped. The Pregnancy Brain Course is your introductory course to helping you feel safe again so you feel less anxious and improve the health of your pregnancy.

I already have Pregnancy Brain, the book. How is this any different?

The book is the starting point for the course, not a replacement for the course. There is a difference between reading about what’s possible and processing it intellectually, and actually experiencing the impact of improved nervous system health and stress/anxiety release.

Additionally, there are tools, techniques and additional content in the course that are not in the book.

If you’ve read the book and are left wondering, “Now what?” or “How do I stay on track with this to actually see results?” then this course will be perfect for you.

Is this program going to teach me how to heal my past trauma and losses?

No, and there’s a reason for that! Deep healing work should be done in a way that is very specific to your body and your health during pregnancy. The delicate balance that your body keeps between your nervous system, endocrine system and immune suystem to maintain a healthy pregnancy can be easily altered with deep healing work if the tools and strategies you use are not tailored to your specific body.

The Pregnancy Brain Course is designed specifically to help you feel safe during pregnancy – to give your body the necessary and frequent rest and reprieve from the anxiety of your pregnancy. If you find that your pregnancy is triggering trauma from your previous high-risk pregnancy, we recommend deeper, more personalized support.

Will there be new content every day for 6 months?

Oh no! That is far too much new material to try all at once. The course is designed intentionally with pre-determined rest days, catch up days and breaks so that you do not overload any body systems. Progress is seen in these days of rest and in the repetition of the techniques you’ll learn.

How long does this course go on for?

This is a self-paced course and you will receive emails every day for 24 days. Then you will receive 5 extra months to review and practice the materials. You will have access to all of the course material for a total of 6 months.

How much time is this going to take?

The practices themselves don’t take more than 15 minutes at a time. You’ll be encouraged to do them multiple times per day, but most are simple enough that you can do them almost anywhere.

You’ll receive emails every day for 24 days about this course and you will have access to the course materials for 6 months.

Do I have to pay extra for the Inner Circle?

Not at all! After you’ve been practicing the exercises in the Pregnancy Brain Course for about 3 months, you’ll be automatically invited into the Inner Circle where you can dive deeper on the neurobiology of health through our memos. You’ll still keep access to the Pregnancy Brain Course for another 3 months and will have free access to the Inner Circle for 30 days. If you want to extend your membership in the Inner Circle beyond those 30 days, you can purchase a 3 month membership separately.

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