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Private Members’ Club

Ruvelle’s private members’ club is the only whole health–focused guided journey to facilitate wellness on every phase of your high-risk pregnancy—before, during and after. We understand that each person’s path to building a family is unique, so we designed Ruvelle’s private members’ club to provide you with tailored, trauma-sensitive recommendations for your health and your health care, while granting you the flexibility to access the exact support you require precisely when you need it.

In Ruvelle’s private members’ club, we believe in…


We know you like to take action, not just sit on your hands and hope for the best. Our library is filled with action-oriented to-dos related to somatic-health, overall health, and navigating the health care system.

At Your Pace

Your schedule is already packed. Work through our resources at your pace without adding to your overwhelm. We’ll provide you guidance to make sure you’re still making steady progress.


We understand that going through a complicated family-building journey is a deeply personal experience. Every aspect of the Ruvelle Experience will help you maintain your privacy.


At the Ruvelle Experience we see you a whole person who deserves support for all aspects of life. No more fragmented approaches to health and wellness. We’re here with you through all aspects of your entire journey.

Take a Look Inside Ruvelle’s Private Members’ Club

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  • Inspiration you can give and take to your fellow club members. Think of it like your own fortune cookie for whenever you need a pick me up from someone who gets it.
  • On-demand demos on various somatic practices when you need a refresher during life’s curveballs.
  • Exclusive access to member-only pricing for events

A portion of all membership dues will contribute to the Ruvelle Scholarship, specifically designated to subsidize membership fees for individuals identifying as BIPOC.

What’s Included Inside Ruvelle’s Private Members’ Club?

Live Demonstrations

Regularly scheduled live demonstrations on topics related to sensory, sensorimotor, and whole body regulation in order to support neuro-endo-immune health. These are great opportunities to ask questions and get live feedback on how to tailor somatic practices or health care workflows to your specific situation.

Guides, Mini Classes & Master Classes

Worksheets, checklists, and actionable advice through our Library and Lounge give you a sneak peek into the foundational elements of trauma-informed approaches to health and health care. These are available to you whether you’re TTC, pregnant, in the NICU, or recovering from loss or medical/birth trauma.

Mixers + Live Q&As

An enormous part of trauma recovery is having community support, being seen, and feeling heard. Through our regular mixers and live Q&As with Parijat, you’ll start to build the community you’ve always deserved. One that’s built on trust, hope, and the belief that better is possible while we hold the reality of what we survived.

Ruvelle’s private members’ club is not just another course to tell you more things to do.

It’s a truly trauma-sensitive experience to guide you on how to be in your body. That means, you’re not going to be bombarded with lots of content. Instead, we’re going to gently guide you to learn how to move slower, tolerate more sensations, and practice embodiment through health care appointments and your day to day life. Inside, you won’t find modules and lessons, packed with a long list of to dos.

In a world that encourages information hoarding and fast, immediate results, we have intentionally built the private members’ club as a place to be more and do less. A place where we can be together.

“If there is a “trick” to trauma healing, it’s that we need to learn to do less and be more.” – Parijat

No matter where you are on your journey…

Whether you’re between pregnancies, just thinking about TTC, actively TTC, experiencing a high-risk pregnancy, in the NICU, or you’re done trying to grow your family after loss or birth/medical trauma…

There’s a place for you in the Ruvelle’s private members’ club.

For the first 50 people, the investment to join Ruvelle’s private members’ club is

$ 47 .00 per month

3 months minimum required

Is this a course or a group program?

Neither! Ruvelle’s private members’ club is expertly designed to help you learn trauma-sensitive approaches to navigating health care, foundational neurosensory approaches to addressing chronic and traumatic stress and traumatic loss, and an opportunity for safe, supportive community building all at your pace, when you need it. While we have on demand classes, master classes, and demos, there is no set path to follow here like a course or a group program. You come into our Lobby and choose your activity for the hour or the day.

How can I apply for the scholarship?

As soon as we have 100 club members and have sufficient funds for the scholarship, we will email you how to apply. Be sure you’re a Perks Member so you don’t miss the announcement.

Will this teach me how to heal my trauma?

Ruvelle’s private members’ club has two levels. The first level, the level you’re enter at, will cover foundations of somatic work that are the building blocks for deep neuro-endo-immune restoration. The more you participate in Level 1 but submitting your reflections, attending live or on demand classes, and practicing the foundational elements, the sooner we can invite you to Level 2, which is where the deeper work happens.

Is this just for people who are pregnant?

Not at all! The high-risk pregnancy journey begins long before you’re pregnant and can and long after, depending on everyone’s circumstances. This is why our private members’ club is open to anyone, whether you’re TTC, currently pregnant, postpartum, done trying to grow your family, after loss, after birth trauma, and everything in between. Health isn’t siloed like the Western medical system would have you believe, so your trauma-informed support shouldn’t be either. If you’re not sure if the club can be helpful for you, email us and we’re happy to help.

What’s the difference between Level 1 and Level 2?

Level 1 is focused on navigating health care and teaching foundational neurosensory practices that are necessary, but often missed, by most other somatic practitioners. These are the building blocks of working toward neuro-endo-immune regulation. Level 2 is a group experience that’s an add on to the Club, led by Parijat and her trusted partners, on how to recover from medical and birth trauma. Because too many somatic practitioners are rushing their work, taking clients too deep, too fast, we are Ruvelle are committed to helping you avoid reinjury and retraumatization. This is why we’re requiring everyone to actively participate in Level 1 for a minimum of 3 months before being invited to Level 2.

I’m pregnant. Should I do Pregnancy Brain Course or join the Club?

It depends on what you want, need, and are looking for. If you only want somatic practices to manage anxiety and fear during a high-risk pregnancy, then Pregnancy Brain Course is the best fit for you right now. And, after the course is complete, you’ll still get 90 days membership in our Club. If you’re new to somatic work and are looking for a place to belong, meet other people on the same path as you, and be a part of a community where you’ll be supported through your lived experience of your pregnancy (and after), then the Club would be a better fit right now.

Can I join if I’m a professional and would like to learn from you?

The Club is meant exclusively for people going through infertility, high-risk pregnancy, NICU stays, or are recovering from loss, preterm birth or medical/birth trauma. For professional mentorship, please email us to schedule a consultation or hire Parijat for long term mentorship.

What upcoming events do you have planned?

You can view all upcoming Ruvelle events on our Events Calendar.

Do you have a map or visual guide of what’s inside the private members’ club?

Why yes we do! Everything that’s under “Free for Perks Members” is actually free. Just sign up here to become a Perks Member (also free!) and you can access the outside of Ruvelle’s property.

The interior of Ruvelle’s property is the private members’ club. Every room you see in Level 1 of this map is available to Club Members.

Level 2 will be held in a different building and is accessible by invitation only.

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