We believe in long-term health and generational wellness.

Ruvelle was founded with that core value at the heart of everything we do. We understand that each stage of the family-building journey is intimately connected to each other, and we know that your high-risk pregnancy journey starts long before you get pregnant and continues long after you’re done growing your family.

At Ruvelle, we are here to lead you through each stage of your journey so you can improve your high-risk pregnancy outcomes, be the present parent you want to be, and pass on wholeness and wellness to your future generations.

By taking a cutting-edge, science-backed approach to reproductive and perinatal health and wellness, we are proud to be the only company that is focused on somatic health, overall wellness, and health care exclusively for the high-risk pregnancy journey.

Whether you’re thinking about pregnancy after loss or prematurity, are currently experiencing a high-risk pregnancy, are parenting a preemie or medically complex child, or are recovering from birth trauma or medical trauma, you belong here.

Welcome home to Ruvelle.

Join the Ruvelle Experience for tailored
whole-health guidance through every stage of a
complicated family-building journey.

About Parijat

Parijat Deshpande is the founder of Ruvelle, a bestselling author of Pregnancy Brain: A Mind-Body Approach to Stress Management During a High-Risk Pregnancy, speaker and somatic trauma consultant.

Parijat’s personal experience of primary and secondary infertility, losses, a high-risk pregnancy, and NICU parenting inspired a career pivot into psychoneuroimmunology – specializing in pregnancy – and sensory, sensorimotor, and neurosomatic approaches to recovering after medical trauma and birth trauma.

When she’s not working, Parijat loves to hike, watch British crime dramas, read fiction novels under a cozy blanket, cook and bake for her family, and tend to her vegetable garden.

Join the Ruvelle Experience and access curated guidance before, during, and after your high-risk pregnancy

About The Name

The name Ruvelle is an amalgamation of the Marathi word rahi (meaning traveler), the Hindi word urvi (meaning earth) and the Greek word elle meaning shining light.

Ruvelle exemplifies the journey individuals, couples, and families go through, traveling our unique, complex path on earth toward a life of lightness and peace.

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