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The exclusive place to be before, during, and after your high-risk pregnancy.

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Every complicated family-building journey offers unique stressors. Your solutions to navigate these complications should be unique too. Take the quiz for tailored guidance on where you can begin.

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The only trauma-informed, whole health–focused guided journey for every phase of your high-risk pregnancy—before, during and after. So you can experience long-term health and pass on wellness to your future generations.

Meet Our Founder: Parijat Deshpande

As I went through my own very high-risk pregnancy and extremely preterm delivery after infertility and losses, I searched for a place where I belonged. A place where high-risk pregnancies, losses, prematurity, and complications weren’t a footnote or an afterthought, but a place where they were center stage, acknowledged, and honored. I couldn’t find that place.

After 6 years of guiding private clients to beat high-risk pregnancy medical odds and recover from birth trauma and medical trauma, I created that place. Ruvelle is a place where nothing you have been through or are going through is too dark, too complicated, too serious, or too scary to talk about. It’s a place where you can feel comfortable to be who you are as you navigate your own bumpy, convoluted journey.

Ruvelle is a place where you belong. Welcome home!

Tailored recommendations to curb your overwhelm before, during, and after your
high-risk pregnancy

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