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The Ruvelle Experience

The Ruvelle Experience is the only whole health–focused guided journey to facilitate wellness on every phase of your high-risk pregnancy—before, during and after. We understand that each person’s path to building a family is unique, so we designed the Ruvelle Experience to provide you with tailored, trauma-sensitive recommendations for your health and your health care, while granting you the flexibility to access the exact support you require precisely when you need it.

In the Ruvelle Experience, we believe in…


We know you like to take action, not just sit on your hands and hope for the best. Our library is filled with action-oriented to-dos related to somatic-health, overall health, and navigating the health care system.

At Your Pace

Your schedule is already packed. Work through our resources at your pace without adding to your overwhelm. We’ll provide you guidance to make sure you’re still making steady progress.


We understand that going through a complicated family-building journey is a deeply personal experience. Every aspect of the Ruvelle Experience will help you maintain your privacy.


At the Ruvelle Experience we see you a whole person who deserves support for all aspects of life. No more fragmented approaches to health and wellness. We’re here with you through all aspects of your entire journey.

What’s Included In the Ruvelle Experience?


  • Inspiration you can give and take to your fellow Ruvellers. Think of it like your own fortune cookie for whenever you need a pick me up from someone who gets it.
  • On-demand demos on various somatic practices when you need a refresher during life’s curveballs.
  • Exclusive access to member-only pricing for events

A portion of all membership dues will contribute to the Ruvelle Scholarship, specifically designated to subsidize membership fees for individuals identifying as BIPOC.

Join the Early Notice List

Be the first to register and enjoy exclusive access to special pricing
and additional bonuses unavailable to others!

No matter where you are on your journey…

Whether you’re between pregnancies, just thinking about TTC, actively TTC, experiencing a high-risk pregnancy, in the NICU, or you’re done trying to grow your family after loss or birth/medical trauma…

There’s a place curated just for you in the Ruvelle Experience.

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